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After we receive a submission and confirm that the author meets our requirements, the submission will be reviewed by our editorial team. Because of the high volume of submissions, we are unable to accept every author submission.

When crafting your submission, keep in mind the following:

The quality and thoroughness of submissions are critical. If the submission isn't professional, polished and as complete as possible, we will consider that the author didn't want to take the time or effort to properly complete the submission and we will similarly not take the time or effort to continue considering the author.

The retailer product pages are key. We look carefully at the author's product pages on major retailer sites. Our focus is on ensuring a professional, polished appearance for the author's works and that the works are properly categorized for their subject content.

The professionalism of the author and work are essential. We want to connect our readers with high quality works by both popular and upcoming authors. If the author and work aren't well-edited and well-written, the author won't be accepted.

Other things you should know:

No length or type of work requirements. We don't have any requirements regarding length or type of work. We accept single-creator short stories, novellas, collective works, boxed sets, and full-length works. We accept any multi-creator works, providing all creators are members.

No category or genre excluded. We accept any category and genre of work. The only exception is for works with explicit or highly suggestive erotica covers.

No review requirements. We don't care whether your works have zero, one or one thousand reviews. We care only whether an author's works will be of interest to our members.

No rating requirements. We could care less whether fanboys of other authors hate rated your work to lower its ratings. We care only whether an author's works will be of interest to our members.

No release date requirements. We don't care about the publication date and accept pre-orders, new releases and any past releases for promotion. We care only about whether a work can be purchased or pre-ordered.


If your submission is not selected and you would like to resubmit for consideration, please wait at least 30 calendar days before doing so. For any other questions, please read our FAQ.


To submit an author for consideration, please fill out our submission form.




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