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Our service is highly selective. We promise our members we're going to engage them and help them discover books and authors that they're going to want to read and know about. In order to be considered, the author must at a minimum:

Be available. Our authors must have one or more published works available at one or more major retailers. We only feature authors whose works our readers can actually buy no matter where they might be in the world.

Be accessible. Our authors must be active on one or more social media platforms, such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram (and preferably several). We only feature authors our members can follow and engage with if they choose to do so.

Be presentable. Our authors must be ones we'd be proud to present to anyone and everyone. Their works must have professional covers, polished descriptions, be fully edited, etc. They themselves must act professionally and hold themselves to a high standard.

You will also need to give us a 6-month forecast of pricing for the primary books you want us to promote and more importantly, stick to it. This forecast will detail what the price of the books will be over this time, including the start and end dates of any special promotions.

  • Authors who pay the "3 or less" rate must select 1 primary title for our promotion and any other titles are secondary titles for promotion.

  • Authors who pay the "4 to 12" or "More than 12" rate select 2 primary titles for our promotion and any other titles are secondary titles for promotion.

Here's an example forecast:

Book 1 Everyday Price: $5.99
June 1 - June 15: $2.99
Aug 15 - Aug 30: $2.99
Nov 23 - Nov 26: $.99
Dec 20 - Jan 5: $.99
Book 2 Everyday Price: $2.99
June 7 - June 21: $1.99
Aug 3 - Aug 17: $.99
Nov 23 - Nov 26: $1.99
Dec 26 - Jan 3: $.99

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Please note there is no guarantee of acceptance.

To submit an author for consideration, please fill out our submission form.

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