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What is The Reading Club?

The Reading Club is a free service that notifies you about fantastic deals on amazing books from popular and upcoming authors and provides editorial and articles that invite you to explore the written word and the people behind those words.

We won't saturate your inbox with daily emails. Our emails are periodic, typically only about once a week or once every other week. Our goal is to provide a unique club experience for our members with exclusive offers and focused content covering a broad range of interests from thrillers and mysteries to cookbooks and how-to guides and beyond.

We don't sell books or your information. We simply provide periodic emails with great offers, exclusive articles, and excellent editorial for discerning readers. As special offers and deals become available from retailers like Google's Play store, Barnes & Noble Nook store, Apple's iBooks store or Amazon's Kindle store, we let you know about the best available.

Our teams of experts are focused in building reading lists for you and the people in your life. Thus, you'll not only get information about bargains for you, but also about bargains you can share or may want to purchase as gifts.

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What is The Reading Club?

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