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Use the form below to submit an author for consideration. If you are a publisher or agent submitting on an author's behalf, please be sure to specify this in the appropriate field.

Before submitting anything, you should read the requirements, pricing and submission tips.

Note: By submitting this form, you are also agreeing to join our Author Team newsletter, which we use to advise both participating and non-participating authors of special opportunities. Although you can unsubscribe from this newsletter at any time, we will take this as a sign that you no longer want to be a part of our service.

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Please note there is no guarantee of acceptance. If you are accepted, note that authors new to our service are subject to a one-time setup fee of $95, which is in addition to the basic cost of our service. After we receive payment, we will begin work on the author's behalf within 10 business days. Once we start work on an author's behalf, we cannot issue a refund of any type.

Note: Any author who goes through the submission process, gets accepted and subsequently elects not to participate will not be eligible for resubmission for one calendar year (365 days).

IMPORTANT: If you are selected, we will invoice you via PayPal. The invoice can sometimes get filtered by your email program's junk/spam filter. We can't control that. Regardless, it is your responsibility to look for the invoice and pay upon receipt.




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