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Anyone who has joined The Reading Club, whether an author or reader, can become a club affiliate and earn free stuff. In our bag of goodies for club affiliates are lots of great good stuff, including:

  • Gift cards for popular retailers.

  • Autographed copies of popular books from popular authors.

  • Exclusive opportunities to meet and talk with popular authors.

  • Free books and more.

To become an affiliate and earn free stuff all you have to do is direct your friends and associates to our signup page and have them enter your email address as the "Referrer's Email Address".

Here's the link to share:

Each time your friends and associates join and enter your email address as the referrer, you'll have a chance to earn free stuff!

Note: Because the "man" may put all sorts of limitations on offers like this depending on city, county, state or nation of residence, this opportunity is void where prohibited, limited or otherwise restricted by law.

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